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Szabó Üveg Ltd was founded in 1963 by Lajos Szabó and his wife, Marianna Szabó. We are producing glass christmas-balls in different size (from 2cm to 10cm), colour and form, in the ambition of aesthetics and high quality. In our factory, traditional methods are combined with modern technologies. The various form, colour and decoration is obtained with hand-made method by an experienced in-house design team. The slogan of Szabo Glass Ltd. is: "beside aesthetics is high quality and reliability".


Why not taking a unique 360° virtual tour of our factory including the presentation room? You can understand how christmas decorations are produced there and you can also get a glimpse of the vast range of available products.  If further interested in christmas decorations we are happy to invite you to visit us in reality at Tárnok, Hungary.


Nowdays our products are present in different markets all over the world like in Germany, US, Norway, France and Hong Kong. We have been attending Christmas World exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany since 1995 every year not only to meet new business partners but also to take part at the competitions there. Our awarded hand-painted Chistmas decorations play a crucial role in the fashion style of the current year.


Get to know Szabó Üveg Ltd. by watching a video of National Development Agency

Note that the video is in Hungarian.

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